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Group learning
Build a high performance organisation

A great team is not just a group of great individuals.
How can you all collaborate, have a voice & co-create to deliver success for your organisation?

We’ll work with you to design a bespoke roadmap and journey to build the foundation of your team, defining your team identity and purpose, expliciting the direction and goal (north star) you want to achieve, checking gaps and then filling those gaps with our 3 steps strategic approach to reach excellence.

This is your journey from a group of talented people to a high performance team

 "The 5 dysfunctions of a team" (P. Lencioni) 
 "Good to great" (J. Collins)

Whysebird helps you create

an inclusive culture where people

engage & deliver performance

Run effective board & leadership team meetings with our 3 steps process

01 | Foundation of your team

"What needs to happen"
Your purpose & mission, your vision & strategy 
& r
eporting of progress (KPIs)

Module | TRAIL
"How we make things happen"

Your team identity,  building trust,
values and behaviors to demonstrate

02 | A connected team

Consolidate trust & performance within your team
Improve decision making & develop a culture of feedback
Celebrate failure &  inspire change 
The art of collaboration

03 | A high performance team

and develop excellence within your and beyond the team
Self coaching team &  Lean principles
Job rotation  & shadowing
Connectivity with cross functional teams


Board members & Leadership teams



To be defined based on your needs



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“Thanks for all of your facilitation. I think the conversations were the needed catalyst for change. It’s been very positive and help bring cohesion”.

- He/Him VP Global innovation, American leading sports company


Thanks for the sessions Sebastien.  It was very helpful. 

We are finally moving forward on our strategy after many years of trying.

Sebastien mentored Sesame Access Systems Ltd's Management Team.

Sebastien ran workshops, team building exercises and our Company Strategy sessions for us.

He brought to the table clarity and helped Sesame define and document our Company Strategy and how we were going to achieve it.

Sebastian was also very motivating and diplomatic in our Team Building exercises.
We really enjoyed working with Sebastian and it very much helped our business.

The process was also good fun. I would highly recommend Sebastien to other Clients."

- Alison Lyons OBE | Sales Director, Sesame Access Systems Ltd

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