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Individual learning

Be the leader you want to be



The great resignation 

People are not engaged

People leave their roles in number 

Employees have daily stress 
> leading to burnout

Whysebird works to eradicate


Burnout & end poor leadership

3 simple ingredients

A conscious choice
YES I want to change

Some discipline
I'm rigorous & engaged

A journey
Change means investing time

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Lead yourself & fast track your career

You benefit from an unique support using a blend of business mentoring experience and Business coaching models.

Practically, you benefit from somebody who can reassure you, support you and challenge you for your own good!

You get help to identify and remove roadblock to help you achieve your goal (right choices for you, career move, progression, new job...).


You get support from a global leader in the industry that will help you to address your current
challenges to deliver your goal faster.

You will start first by knowing yourself better and lead yourself then work on how you can develop your team member and create the right environment to motivate your team and create the conditions to deliver results.
Example of key models and work such as how to set up your goals, being aware of your preferred communication styles, understanding your values in the context of work and how to motivate yourself and your team, understanding your limiting beliefs and how to address them.

There are also practical aspects like how to prioritize your time and drive teams globally.

In practical...


Manager, Senior Manager,
Director, VP, CEO



6 sessions of 1 hour
during 3 months


Ask for your quote



"“Running a small business can be super intense.

So linking up with a mentor can really assist  you in growth and clarity with your vision.  Sebastien has become a mentor to me which has been a really rewarding process. Big ambitions need nurture and guidance. Thanks for your help!”

- Jan Hendzel | CEO Jan Hendzel Studio


"Sebastien is a fantastic coach who allows his coachees to maintain focus on the practical, tangible, practices that help you move towards achieving short term and longer term professional goals. His professional nature and ability to not just show that he is listening but actually listen makes for a great foundation for establishing a coach to coachee relationship. Thank you!!

- Lori Powell | ex Director Learning and Development, Tiffany & Co.

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