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Tired of experts who don't engage with your audience
You want to create awareness within your organisation
We have the solution for you!

The focus of our masterclass courses is to deliver impactful sessions that will lead you to take wise decisions for yourself, your organisation and the planet.
Whysebird supports you on both leadership & technical development.

Sebastien is also recognised as an expert speaker at the UK national program“Help to grow” on leadership for SMEs (topics such as Innovation and strategy, Vison & mission of a company, people engagement & inclusivity).

NB: If you want to get more in depth and put in practice those masterclass courses, whysebird can offer you a tailor made support to make a durable impact and lead change for yourself, your team and your organisation. 


Universities, Organisations, Associations



60 - 90 min with Q&A



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"“Sebastien – merci beaucoup for a riveting,

thought-provoking session!”

- Zak Cole | NZTE, Head of services - Europe 



"Sebastien has been highly appreciated by the students of ENSAIT (Master level) due to his solid academic knowledge and professional experience in various fashion companies in France and UK. The scope of his knowledge on textile quality is large, dealing with not only technical quality management for different brands but also sustainable development related to textile products. Sébastien is very curious, committed, highly motivated, and has excellent professional potential with great dedication for his work. Considering the previous elements, I strongly recommend him for any teaching and consultation activities related to quality management and environment management."

- Prof Xianyi ZENG | Head of GEMTEX Laboratory, Head of Dept of Fashion & Service Engineering



100% students rated the content good to very good

100% students rated the performance of the speaker very good

"Our sessions have a great pace & there is an exchange between the students and you.

You share stories and practical cases so we understand what happen behind the curtain in the industry. We also have the stage to share our experiences and perspectives as students.

Time flies! Great interactions face to face and digitally!"

Students | Master degree Ensait

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