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Your new podcast episode#04 |MUST| is just released!

OK let’s be honest, do you know what it is exactly? Or what it is not? 

Can you explain it over a coffee in 2 minutes? 

Today, in this episode#04,you’ll get more clarity on the 5 biggest myths about Business Coaching!

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Supply Chain Expertise

Nowadays, leaders are facing challenges due to uncertainty, your supply chain is even more stressed, you have more constraints on budgets, you do more with less.

In response to this changing environment, whysebird supports you on strategic projects such as positioning your Brand as a Luxury player, your Sustainability strategy or any material/product Innovation.

You have more flexibility, you stay on track with your strategy and you deliver projects you are committed to.

Business Coaching

OK let’s be honest, do you know what it is exactly? Or what it is not? Can you explain it over a coffee in 2 minutes? Let's clarify the biggest myths about Business Coaching!

You will know why most successful leaders receive coaching at some point in their career.

You still think you don’t need a coach?

Here are the reasons why you don’t need a business coach!

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Success stories

You want to find out who we supported in their journey to success, here are the people who give us their trust. Why not being the next one!



About me...

I’ve spent 17+ years in the Fashion and Luxury industry leading global teams in small and large organisations, holding senior positions including 7 years at Burberry in the Supply Chain department. And then, I decided to explore new territories (...)

Sebastien Barillot, Founder & CEO


Remote working...Yes you CAN!

Face-to-face engagement is our preferable way of doing. However, we have developed a remote working approach using digital tools (i.e. Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.) and we and have achieved great results.

Things happen and we do what we can with what we have available!