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What DO YOU say about Sebastien

Sebastien it's the person you want work with. A mix of knowledge, programming skills and vision. His knowhow on materials and sustainability today are really key for the luxury industry: a must for every single company. Great working with him both with the brand he represents and recently with his consultancy agency.

Luca Sburlati

CEO, Pattern Spa 

Sustainability Expertise


Percy Chinoy

Director of Business Development, Voxel8

Sustainability Expertise

Sebastien has been very effective as a consultant in opening new doors for Voxel8 in the fashion and intimate apparel industry.  Sebastien's excellent knowledge of this industry and personal connections at key customers have been very valuable to Voxel8 as we expand our additive manufacturing technology into bras.  It is a pleasure working with him.

Sebastien is a fantastic coach who allows his coachees to maintain focus on the practical, tangible, practices that help you move towards achieving short term and longer term professional goals. His professional nature and ability to not just show that he is listening but actually listen makes for a great foundation for establishing a coach to coachee relationship. Thank you!

Lori Powell

Director Learning and Development, Tiffany & Co.

Executive Coaching


Oliver Cook

Director Textiles Quality Assurance, Intertek

Executive Coaching

My sessions with Sebastien were hugely valuable as I look to keep developing my leadership style – identifying challenges very specifically and clearly, before addressing them with a disciplined & insightful approach, together with clear actions to improve. The results were tangible through the course of the sessions, and will continue to be beneficial to me in the future. Overall the coaching was delivered with a personal touch that made the sessions enjoyable as well as beneficial.

Sebastien is a fantastic coach,  really getting to the root cause of what tweaks and changes could be made to improve working relationships, communication, stakeholder management , self-awareness, and taking control of my time.  I have learnt some really valuable lessons for life that have helped me and I have been able to see the benefits in my team.

Gemma Oakley

Global head of Incentives,

Fortune 500 Finance Company 

Executive Coaching


Christy Raedeke

Former Executive Vice President at Cocona / 37.5 Technology 

Sustainability Expertise

Sebastien was a key contributor to the 37.5 Technology Advisory Board. His insights and ideas for how to navigate the luxury space were invaluable. Sebastien is an experienced and thoughtful leader and is clearly an expert in his field, yet his approach is always humble, helpful, and humorous. Even fellow Advisory Board members from other world-class organizations were learning from Sebastien’s contributions.

Sebastien‘s contribution and feedback on the development of our products has been truly invaluable! I learned so much from him and had a great time working and reviewing prototypes together!

Executive Coaching

Francesca Adovasio 

Creative Director, Sloanie

Sustainability Expertise

Photo from Sebee.jpg

Nicole Faerber

VP Sales and Marketing,

AMF group

Executive Coaching

Sebastien is a great coach! 

He stands out for his listening skills and for the ability in paraphrasing the key points of a topic, making it manageable and deliverable. 

What makes him one of my favourite persons in the fashion industry is his lateral thinking, thanks to which we met. 

I’ll be a supporter of his new activity, warmly suggesting him to my network of discoverers.

Merci encore pour tes conseils et les sessions coaching et mentoring. Tu as été un super mentor et j’ai apprécié travailler avec toi.

Aurelie Sarda de Castilla

Manager  Regulatory, Burberry


Business Mentoring


Umberto Favaro

Director of Quality Assurance,


Sustainability Expertise

Sebastien has developed significant experience in Quality Assurance, including managing Quality Control activities, lab testing and regulatory.

You have been an inspiration to me and kept me going in this journey.

Andrea Thayaseelan

Bags Costing team, Burberry


Business Mentoring


Alberto Amadi

Senior Manager Leather Procurement,  Burberry

Sustainability Expertise

You are a first class professional and a very good guy. When I  joined Burberry you helped me a lot in the small practical things and in understanding the people and the ways of working. This is a fact and I can only thanks you for what you have done.

Sebastien is able to navigate the luxury market using his skills and understanding for a global approach,  I worked with for almost 8 years at Burberry and he has experienced many challenges, his ability to be agile in a rapidly changing market place has enabled him to achieve many goals.

Sebastien is always helpful, understanding of needs and has a unique way of ensuring that you are comfortable around him which encourages positive mentoring.

He has a good understanding of detail and has the experience of what exactly is needed for a road to success for anyone who is prepared to work hard.

Judith Johnston

Account Manager, Global Laboratory 


Business Mentoring


Laura Finicelli

Technical laboratory Support, UL

Business Mentoring

Sebastien gives you the idea you have known him since always.

He is an incredible motivator, and straight to the point. 

His sense of humour is striking and makes everything light-hearted!

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