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The Podcast from Whysebird

Must by Whysebird, the podcast that makes things simple and meaningful to you!

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Episode 04 | the 5 myths about Business Coaching

Episode 03 | Invest in yourself

Episode 02 | Small words, Big meaning

Episode 01 | The cashmere mystery    


OK let’s be honest, do you know what it is exactly? Or what it is not? 

Can you explain it over a coffee in 2 minutes? 

Today, in this episode#04,you’ll get more clarity on the 5 biggest myths about Business Coaching!


in this episode#03, Gemma, a senior leader in a fortune 500 banking organization and a mum of 2 children,  will share with you her journey through coaching and tell you what she gained from it!


In this episode, you will learn how to communicate with impact while using words that can make a big difference to your audience! 

Additional link - Interview of Marshall Goldsmith:


In this episode, we will discover the beauty and mystery of cashmere…what is this fibre, where does it come from? What are the challenges associated with cashmere? You'll know everything!


Collab | The Fashion Impact Podcast 

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