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Pass the ball 08 nov 20

This week I reached a milestone, I finalised my lecture series on Supply Chain Risk Management with the students of ENSAIT - the textile engineering school in the north of France​. We started our journey back in September, when we were attending classes face to face, and finalised the course this week after moving to virtual sessions. 

These students have already spent 2 years working in the fashion, automotive, laboratory and sports industries through apprenticeships. They are the future leaders of the industry, many of whom will go on to join the companies which dominate the market today whilst others have ambitions to launch start-ups to challenge our current ways of thinking and create new ways of doing things. It's a privilege to be able to liaise and weave relations with them at this stage of their career.


The aim of this module is to give to the students a practical sense of the fashion and luxury industry, how it is structured, who the players are and the challenges around its supply chain. It is also to give them perspective to see that even if they are working in different industries, there are patterns and models that exist and are applicable across industries.

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In my lecture, I develop a simple approach, combining both theoretical and practical examples from my years of experience to illustrate key points, which makes it more relatable and understandable for the students. In particular, I also focus on managing the rhythm and pace of the lecture to better engage and keep the audience alive, using the power of questioning and reflection in small groups who then communicate to the wider audience their findings in their own words.  Every lecture is wrapped up with a feedback session with both sides assessing what has gone well and what we can improve for next round.

This model fosters engagement, collaboration and knowledge sharing between the students and the lecturer. The students this year rated my service by 4.7/5 on the content, expectations and quality of the lecturing received!

A big thank you to the ENSAIT university and their students for your trust & support.



Understand the basics of quality and how risk is assessed through the supply chain (including testing, inspection, audit, what is quality?...)


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