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Supply Chain Expertise

Nowadays, leaders are facing challenges due to uncertainty, your supply chain is even more stressed, you have more constraints on budgets, you do more with less.

In response to this changing environment, whysebird supports you on strategic projects such as positioning your Brand as a Luxury player, your Sustainability strategy or any material/product Innovation.

You have more flexibility, you stay on track with your strategy and you deliver projects you are committed to.

  • Position your Brand as a Luxury player - you'll benefit from our experience of the Luxury world and codes, what are the expectations of your clients and how to fulfil them (including Quality elevation) 

  • Post Pandemic Strategies - you’ll know what are the trends and strategies that  industry leaders apply so you are ready to adapt to the new normal.

  • Manage Your Risk Better - Your business will always be globally compliant and safe - You will get insights on what focus to apply from raw materials to finished products, hubs and stores, including chemical and legal management. 

  • Time to Innovate:  it's not a question of “if'' but “when” you are going to innovate! You’ll get the key concepts, the roadblocks to avoid, so you bring innovation at the right time, the right price and with the right desirability.

  • Consistency is the Key: scaling up your production is not a smooth journey, how can you prep the field, bridge the gap between development and production, engage teams and develop champions in your supply chain to elevate your products offer.

  • Sustainability for Leaders: Be the leader and inspire your Supply Chain. Your industry has changed, sustainability is not a choice, it's a necessity. You define a clear vision and strategy for sustainability in your organisation.


We support you to make sure you deliver your strategy successfully!


You start your business and you wonder how quality works in the fashion industry? Where to source your materials and products? Specificities of markets like Asia or Italy?


You are given advise and insights from recognized experts with a global strategic vision.

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