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Business Coaching

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OK let’s be honest, do you know what it is exactly? Or what it is not? Can you explain it over a coffee in 2 minutes? Let's clarify the biggest myths about Business Coaching!

You will know why most successful leaders receive coaching at some point in their career.

You still think you don’t need a coach?

Here are the reasons why you don’t need a business coach!

How business coaching has helped Gemma in her career step up

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Follow Gemma, a senior leader in a fortune 500 finance company, through her experience of Coaching with Whysebird.

Remote Coaching

Face-to-face coaching is our preferable approach. However, we have developed remote coaching using digital tools (i.e. Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.) and have achieved great results. Things happen and we do what we can with what we have available!

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